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Like one of our colleagues said journeys are “Simple, daily reflection to consider.” When you pick a journey that will impact your life, you will get so much more out of it than just finishing tasks for the Wellness program. You are on the road to a healthy habit.

View the Flyer to see what your colleagues are saying about this program.

Colleague Testimonial Flyer

“I have enjoyed these journeys. I am used to the different programs that focus on exercise and diet. Where I am at right now, those are too much for me and are overwhelming. It was refreshing to have options that focus on mental health, sleep, and stress management. It is nice to feel I can celebrate these tasks and once I have mastered them, I feel I can take on the others that include physical health. It is all about balance.”

Taking little steps towards your goals. That is what journeys are – little steps to a healthy habit.

Steps for your journey take less than 5 minutes to complete. Put a reminder on your phone, computer, bathroom mirror or someplace you will see it. Take 5 minutes for yourself!

If you have questions on journeys, please contact your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner.