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Each week we will share one strategy that you can use to meet the needs of your diverse multilingual learners in secondary content classes. This week’s strategy is specifically for secondary CTE teachers but could be adapted for use in many content areas. As you read through the strategy, think about your specific ML students and determine how you can use it to support all learners during Tier 1 instruction.

Instructional Strategy: Guided Notes

Language Objective: I can listen and take notes using new vocabulary.

Guided Notes: How-To

Before the Activity

Prepare instruction and identify key pieces of information. Choose a graphic organizer that matches the content. Partially complete the graphic organizer for students. Choose vocabulary words that students should learn during the lesson. Prepare a word bank or pictures for students to use during instruction.

During the Activity

Preview the key ideas with students. Encourage them to predict or share background knowledge. Deliver instruction. Explicitly state each idea and detail that should be written in students’ notes. Be sure to include vocabulary throughout the lesson. Allow time for students to process the information in their notes in an interactive way.

Extra Support for MLs

  • Provide beginner students with graphic organizers that are more filled in, reducing the number of words they need to listen for.
  • Preteach vocabulary using pictures.
  • Invite students to share what they wrote before moving on with the lesson.

Example: Safety Rules

LT: I can describe rules that will keep me safe.

Teach safety rules using visuals and/or videos. As you teach, students fill out a graphic organizer that matches the rules with a picture. Give students a word bank and have them write the rules in their own words after the lecture.

Helpful Links to Learn More

We would love to know how this tip worked for you! Please share any experiences with your PLC or ML supervisor, or email Tani Brown (Secondary ELD Curriculum Specialist) at