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In the month of November the District World Languages Committee, Secondary District Literacy Committee, and District Fine Arts Committee met.  Below is a summary of those meetings.

District World Languages Committee November 20 meeting summary:

  • Committee finalized list of resources/links needed for the common section of the Curriculum Notebooks (CN)
  • Each language group present (Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish) decided on a scope & sequence document to include in each language specific section of the CN
  • These documents will be sent to Judy Rose so they can be added to the Secondary CN Canvas

Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

The following are some of the takeaways from the Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting summary for the Nov. 20 meeting. 

  • The Secondary ELD committee met Nov. 20 to finalize and adopt the rubric for this curriculum review cycle.
  • An RFP will be posted the week of Nov. 27, and publishers will have until Dec 15 to respond.
  • On Dec 18 and 19, an ELD sub-committee will convene to screen the publishers’ submissions (December’s committee meeting will be rescheduled for sometime in the Spring).
  • The entire ELD committee will meet again January 24, when they will begin exploring and evaluating the materials which passed the screening.

District Fine Arts Committee Meeting Summary

The Fine Arts Curriculum Review Cycle committee met on November 20.

  • Phase 1 in the review cycle focuses on what is currently in place in the district and what needs there are regarding fine arts curriculum, pacing guides, essential standards, and assessments.
  • Judy Rose, Director of Curriculum, led a discussion about the power of the committee members in utilizing their content knowledge to update the fine arts sections of the Curriculum Notebook to reflect district approved and adopted materials.
  • This system perspective provides support to new teachers, students and teachers that are mobile, and guides professional development. Input from all fine arts educators will be sought throughout this review process.