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How to Get Started with Culturally Responsive Teaching for Back to School  

Wednesday, Aug. 24 @ 12 pm 

Tori Durden

Presented by Dr. Tonia Durden, Clinical Professor and Birth-Five Program Coordinator, Georgia State University   Are you wanting to know how to get started with culturally responsive teaching for back to school? Join renowned author, clinical professor, and Birth through Five Program Coordinator Tonia Durden, Ph.D. as she shares first steps towards creating racially equitable learning and engaging educational experiences for young children.

As you welcome children and educators back to school, it is critical to build classroom community to establish a sense of belonging so learning through play can follow. One way you can encourage bond building and establish community is by using culturally responsive teaching strategies.

This interactive edWebinar will explore how early childhood professionals can create high-quality, culturally responsive and equitable learning experiences for racially diverse children. Dr. Durden will present the latest innovations and best practices teachers, leaders and scholars can use in their everyday engagement with children and families. Attendees will learn the following:

  • What is culturally responsive teaching
  • Why all educators, leaders, and scholars should be mindful of culturally responsive interactions when building classroom community
  • How to create culturally responsive classroom environments
  • How to incorporate family engagement through culturally responsive teaching
  • How to provide assessments that are culturally responsive
  • How to be anti-bias and anti-racist with the mindset of advocating for all children

This edWebinar will be of interest to PreK-3 teachers and school and district leaders as well as early childhood researchers and scholars. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.