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A 2.5 hour hands-on chemistry workshop that will introduce you to 15 hands-on labs and activities selected specifically to present Utah Standards 1.1 through 1.3 to your students. We’ll also cover basic safety, proper lab procedures and chemical handling tips. Details on back.

Workshop Specifics

Host: Sara Mcaffee, Provo School District Fee: $110/teacher Date: January 10, 2020 Time: 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM Location: Grandview Learning Center (1591 North Jordan Avenue Provo, Utah) Instructor: Bryce Hixson

Questions? Call 801-568-9596 Registration for the Workshop

5th Grade Science – Chemistry

Workshop Objectives

This is a hand-on workshop that focuses on engaging lab activities that teach the standards for 5th grade chemistry. By the end of the workshop teachers will be able to:

Objective 1 – Conservation of Matter a. Conservation of Mass Lab: Atomic Nuts & Bolts b. Mass and Change of State Lab: See Thru Fat Lab: Crusty Cups

Objective 2 – Physical Properties of Matter a. Identify the physical properties of matter Lab: Ironing Out Sand (magnetism) Flash Cards: Physical Properties Inventory

b. Evidence a Physical Change has occurred Demo: Technicolor Fog Factory (state) Puzzle: The Paper Door (shape and size) c. Describe a substance as physical change Demo: Avalanche in a Cup (absorptivity)

Objective 3 – Chemical Properties of Matter a. Identify evidence of a chemical reaction Demo: Instant Sunshine (color) Lab: Smokescreen on Demand b. Explain release of gas affects final weight Lab: Sizzling Sunset c. Cite examples of chemical reactions in life Lab: Foam Gnomes (construction insulation) d. Compare a physical to a chemical change is produced. Lab: Physical vs. Chemical Changes e. Changing one of the materials in a chemical reaction and see how that will change the results Demo: Mendeleev’s Toothpaste

Objective 1 – Conservation of Matter a. Compare the mass of an object assembled to the mass of its individual parts. b. Compare the mass of a specified quantity of matter before and after melting and freezing. c. Investigate the masses of a liquid and a solid after the solid has been dissolved and then recovered from the liquid. d. Investigate chemical reactions and the mass of the materials before and after a reaction.

Objective 2 – Physical Changes of Matter a. Identify the physical properties of matter. b. Compare changes in substances that indicate a physical change has occurred. c. Describe the appearance of a substance before and after a physical change.

Objective 3 – Chemical Changes of Matter a. Identify evidence of a chemical reaction. b. Explain why the measured weight of a remaining product is less than its reactants when a gas c. Note chemical reactions in daily life. d. Compare physical and chemical changes. e. Hypothesize how changing one of the materials in a chemical reaction will change the results.

Time Requirement: 90 Minutes

Fees & Options

1. Just the Workshop Please ($110/teacher) Each teacher will receive 2.5 hours of hands-on instruction, a lab guide and a set of hands-on materials to use and keep.

2. Classroom Kit & Workshop ($275). Ideal for a single classroom. 10 sets of materials listed above for every lab activity. Great for all kids to participate.

3. School Kit & Workshop ($355) Ideal for a school science closet. Can be used four (4) times before the consumables need to be refilled. Perfect for school science specialists or lead science teachers.

Resources Provided

a. Lab Guide Each teacher will receive a 80 page lab guide that outlines the 15 activities presented during the training. Each lab has teacher background and prep pages, reproducible student directions and assessment sheets.

b. Hand-on Materials Each teacher will receive and keep their own participant’s kit.

Chemistry Hands-on Professional Development for 5th Grade Teachers


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