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Good news! Our Elementary reading program, Wonders, is ready for you! If your class is loaded into PowerSchool, it should also be available in your online Wonders dashboard. You can access your dashboard by following these directions:

  1. Website:
  2. Username: Your Provo email address
  3. Password: psd______ (your SIX digit teacher number)

If you have any problems logging in, have missing students, teacher or student content is missing, etc. please submit a work order to the tech department.

We are excited to see what Wonders will hold for our students this year. It’s great to be in our second year of Wonders for grades 3-6 and our third year in grades 1 and 2. Great things will be happening for our students this year and we look forward to seeing amazing Literacy growth across the district.


To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day, our local McDonald’s owner/operators have...