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This week’s feature is Leslie Stilson, a third grade teacher at Spring Creek Elementary.  Leslie wants to show her students the good things about the their world. She wants her students to become happy well rounded citizens. Here is what she wrote about her reasons for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Leslie Stilson

I know many of my students come from high risk situations over which they have no control. I care about my students beyond the reading, writing and math they are required to learn. I care about their spirits. I care about their futures. I want to give them the best opportunity to not only learn content but to learn the good this world has to offer through beauty and culture. I teach because this profession gives me a place to share my love for knowledge and all things good with kids who may not otherwise have access to these things. In the end, I hope my students’ time at school has been one of the best parts of their day. To be honest, most days my students are actually the best part of my day. I love my job.


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