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Did you know that walking outside in the cold can be good for you? Here are some benefits of winter walking.

  1. Lift your mood naturally. Nothing can quite match the feeling of fresh air to improve your mood and help stave off the winter blues. The burst of cold air can help clear your mind and lower stress levels.
  2. Sunlight does a body good. Vitamin D is important for strong bones. Since you can’t get sunlight through a window, a outdoor walk is key. Just 5-30 minutes a week can help you get the Vitamin D you need.
  3. Zap the calories. Not only are you burning calories by walking but you can burn extra calories by walking in the cold. Your body is also working to stay warm. Win Win
  4. Activate your immune system. Studies have shown that walking outside in winter can wake up your immune system and decrease inflammation to help fight off those pesky winter colds.
  5. Boost energy without caffeine. A cold weather walk is a meaningful energy boost that can last for hours.
  6. Breathe easier. Winter often provides us with cleaner air, but only after a storm around here. Take a really deep breath and restore our bodies with a fresh, calming and cleansing breath.
  7. Fall asleep faster. Cooler temperatures help you sleep better, so winter walking allows your body temperature to take less time to cool down. You may notice it will be easier to nod off at the end of the day.

Come join us in the Arctic 500 Wellness Challenge.

It starts February 1 and runs through the 29th of February or until you reach 500 minutes (whichever comes first). It would be great to see your winter walking on our social media pages.

If you have any questions, please ask your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner.