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Don’t forget about these important parts of the wellness program and their deadlines!

Count your steps

  • Make sure you upload your steps in Virgin Pulse if you are participating in the World Tour Challenge!
  • You must open your app at least once a week in order to upload your steps to get credit for the challenge.
  • You may also manually enter your steps if you do not have a device or if you don’t have your phone synced to the app.

Incentives and Requirements

  • In order to earn your incentive for the first quarter, you must complete these requirements by November 30th*:
    • 1. Create an online MyHealth account
    • 2. Pick a Primary Care Provider in MyHealth
    • 3. Get a health screening (physical) at work or with your doctor
    • 4. Complete the online health assessment in MyHealth**
  • *Those that are not insured through the district may have a checklist that does not include all of the requirements listed above, such as choosing a doctor online. In order to understand exactly what you need to do, please refer to your “Member Checklist” on your MyHealth account. The PDF below can help you understand how to access your checklist.
  • **The online health assessment only takes 10-15 minutes and is a great resource for advice on how to be healthier. Don’t forget to complete this by November 30th in order to earn your first incentive!

And most of all… HAVE FUN!

  • Remember that this is a friendly competition!
  • There will be a trophy for the team with the highest step count in the World Tour though…
  • If you have any questions about the wellness program, please see your Wellness Manager at your location or contact Becca Trippe at

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