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We are fast approaching the end of the 2022-2023 Wellness Year, but there are still a few events going on.

  • Journey – Complete one journey for the year. The deadline to have your journey finished is April 30, 2023.
  • Activity Campaign – Complete two activity campaigns for the year. If you participated in the District-wide challenge show or email your steps tracking to your Wellness Manager for Cat Miner by April 12th. You will also receive a Thread Lanyard for completing this challenge.
  • Writing & Reflection Workshop -Kristen Chandler is an award-winning young adult author and a professor of creative writing at BYU. In this workshop, we will use journaling to foster intention and connection. But this isn’t just writing down what happened last week. Through this guided writing, we will reflect on inner narratives. We look at what stories we hold close and how we might use these stories to increase satisfaction in our lives and relationships. Everyone has stories. This workshop explores how to craft our stories to create the life we want to live. Please sign up here.

Don’t miss out of the incentives for the second half. If you need to know where you stand contact your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner Have a great week and Spring Break!


Summer Break is our greatest opportunity to conserve energy and save money Please remember the...