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This month, we are focusing on celebrating our Education Support Professionals. Twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, we are recognizing different groups that fall under the Educational Support Professional title and today we are featuring our district librarians!

Our librarians do so much for our schools – they are the ones who help to instigate the love of reading in children, help students find books that are appropriate for their level, teach students reading and library concepts and much more. They help to create a safe, quiet place in the school that is a favorite place for many students.

Kerrie Mennear, the librarian at Centennial Middle School, says “I started out as an assistant librarian just as a part-time thing as I was finishing up my schooling and I fell in love with the kids. I already love reading. When you put your two passions together and you’re able to see the excitement you’re bringing to the kids, they’re learning to read and enjoying it – it makes it fulfilling and that’s why I stick with it and love it.”

We are grateful for our librarians. Make sure to “check out” your school’s library and thank your librarian for all they do.