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This month, we are focusing on celebrating our Education Support Professionals. This week, we are recognizing different groups that fall under the Educational Support Professional title and today we are featuring our child nutrition specialists!

Our child nutrition specialists work hard each day to ensure that our students have access to healthy and delicious meals. They add to each child’s education by ensuring that their basic needs are met so that they can focus on learning. They ensure that the school cafeteria is a welcoming environment and a safe place for the students to enjoy meals and recharge after a morning of learning.

Emelda Blake, Child Nutrition Manager at Timpview High School, said “as a manager of the child nutrition program, I encourage the kids to have the proper nutrition every day. We always serve a good, nutritious meal in every school here in our district. We always encourage children to have the proper nutrition – from breakfast to lunch”.

We are grateful for our child nutrition specialists and all they do for our schools. Make sure to thank your school’s child nutrition specialists the next time you stop by your school cafeteria!