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Renewing your license is a multi-step process. Please use the instructions below if you have a license that is expiring on June 30, 2021. Download the instructions below.

Teacher License Renewal Instructions

Licensing Renewal Categories Conversion

Step 1:

Background Check & Fingerprints (You can skip this step if you have cleared prints as of July 15, 2015). If you have questions about when your last background check was, please contact the district HR office. They offer LiveScan fingerprinting as a service to you by appointment at the district office M – F between 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

If that time frame does not work for you, please call ahead to schedule a time that would be convenient for you and to ensure a LiveScan technician is available. 801.374.4800. If needed, start this process ASAP.

Step 2:

Student Data Privacy Re-licensure Course. Don’t forget to print the certificate of completion from this site for your records! NOTE: This is going to be exactly like the one you did for SafeSchools. USBE will NOT recognize the SafeSchools course so you must click on this link, complete it, then print your certificate of completion.

Step 3:

Ethics Review This is a 15-20 minute USBE review and must be completed within 12 months of your renewal.

Step 4:

An LEA (DISTRICT) approved Suicide Prevention Class must be completed (registration information can be found in the Weekly Notifications you receive via email). Keep the certificate of completion you receive as proof of attending the training. (Documentation should be on MIDAS usbe.midaseducation.com) If you feel you have completed this 2-hour suicide prevention class and cannot find documentation, please let me know.

Classes offered in 2021:

Monday, January 25

Thursday, February 25

Thursday, March 25

Monday, April 26

Step 5:

Professional Educator License Renewal Form PLEASE NOTE: This form is the newest version, as we are in transition between the old forms and new forms. This version will only require 100 points, but points from Category A (Contracted Teaching Experience) cannot be claimed.

  • You’ll need 100 Renewal Hours earned by professional development coursework, experience related to your license
  • The acceptable activities to earn points have been consolidated into 4 categories as you will see on the new ‘Professional Educator License Renewal Form’
  • Various experiences have points value & limits. See Renewal Categories AND the NEW Licensing Renewal Categories attached to this email
  • Must have been earned within the past 5 years

Step 6:

Meet with a licensed administrator to review your renewal paperwork

  • This could be your own supervising administrator or anyone who is a licensed administrator
  • Have them sign off on the renewal form
  • Keep the form and all documentation for your records for 24 months (audits!) Do not send documentation to USBE unless you are audited.

Step 7:

Finalize & Report that you did steps 1-6!

  • Cannot be completed until the background check has cleared
  • After February 1, 2021, visit www.utah.gov/teachers and follow the prompt to “Finalize the Renewal.” Please note, this feature has been available in the past on January 1st, but we have encountered delays with the 2020 Licensure changes. We anticipate the “last step” to be ready February 1st, but all other steps are available now

Special Note: We suggest that you complete your renewal by the end of May. 

Need more points? See:

  • MIDAS, USBE’s Professional Learning Program You can email the MIDAS Support team (midas@schools.utah.gov) to obtain a login.
  • Utah Education Network has a Teacher Toolbox which includes the UEN Catalog of professional learning opportunities
  • PBS TeacherLine has Online PD courses that are flexible.
  • All Utah-Based Universities & Colleges have Continuing Educator Development Coursework. See Universities for opportunities.
  • Model Teaching has a course catalog available.
  • ASCD (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development)
  • Advancement Courses have continuing education and optional college credits.
  • Google For Education has courses available to help in 21st-century technology.

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