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This summer, an amazing team of Utah middle school mathematics educators came together to create the Middle School Formative Assessment Clusters! In order to fully assess students’ understanding of the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics (including both the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Content Standards), this assessment is written in a format called a cluster.

Each cluster starts with a context, provides a task statement along with necessary supporting information, and a sequenced list of questions as a way to scaffold student sense-making. The cluster provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their mathematical knowledge, their ability to apply their knowledge, and their ability to communicate their understanding of the targeted mathematical standard. This assessment is NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A LESSON FOR STUDENTS and students should be allowed agency to use whatever technology and/or physical or virtual manipulatives or tools in order to facilitate student thinking (unless otherwise indicated).

The Formative Assessment Clusters in the UEN Mathematics eMedia Hub ( about 2/3 down the page under the header 6-8 Major Work of the Grade Formative Assessment Clusters.

Direct links to the menu’s here:

A sample of 8th grade (8.F.1 and 8.MP.3) student facing worksheet and the guidance for assessing knowledge, communication and application are provided in the graphics below.


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