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Professional Outreach Program in the Schools (POPS), managed by the Utah State Board of Education and sponsored by the Utah State Legislature, supports arts education by bringing professional arts organizations’ educational programs to schools for free or subsidized costs. POPS supports the state’s core arts standards by providing arts education opportunities to all Utah schools. POPS organizations are available to provide lecture demonstrations, live assemblies, virtual ones, arts instruction in the classroom, teacher professional development workshops, concerts, and performances in dance, media arts, theatre, music and visual art to your school.

Visual Arts

  • Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Art Truck (K-5): Mobile Truck: STEAM-based experiences for students.
  • Springville Art Museum, Art Talks (K-8): Outreach educators will come to your school to provide interactive classes for students, train teachers, and provide materials for classroom use. Free!
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Truck (K-12): The Art Truck invites curiosity and offers opportunities to engage in hands-on art-making activities and explore the role of art in our lives and communities. Free!
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Student/Teacher Programs (K-12): Explore art from around the world with opportunities to fit your classroom and curriculum needs. Interactive programs align with Utah Core Standards.


  • Utah Opera, Be an Opera Star: This assembly from Utah Opera introduces students to opera through the format of a staged television game show. Free!
  • Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre, Opera By Children: Students and teachers can create their own opera in class. Free!
  • Utah Symphony Classically Charged, Symphony for Schools: Bring a full orchestra or chamber orchestra (40-45 musicians) to your school or district with the Utah Symphony. Free!


  • Plan B Theatre, School Tour Playwriting curriculum & script library (K-12): in-school performances of new plays. Playwriting With Young People (for grades K-6) and Playwriting with Young Adults (for grades 7-12) – Julie Jensen guides teachers through the process of introducing playwriting into their classrooms and can be modified to fit any subject. Available in English and Spanish. Free!
  • Utah Shakespeare Theatre, For Teachers: Teachers have the opportunity to explore methods of teaching drama and Shakespeare in their classroom in the summer workshops offered by the Utah Shakespeare Festival.


  • Ballet West, Ballet West for Children: Bring a small touring group from Ballet West to perform at your school or bring your students to a free school matinee at the Capitol Theatre. Free!
  • Repertory Dance Theatre, Movement Classes: RDT offers assemblies, movement classes, choreography, performances, teacher workshops and in-house workshops at the Rose Wagner for students and teachers.
  • Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Dance is for Everybody (K-6): Interactive performance educating students about the dynamic world of dance as an art form, and elements of dance as part of Utah state core curriculum.
  • Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Dance is for Everybody (8-12): The Company performs age- appropriate assemblies for middle and high schools. Duration: 45-50 minutes.
  • Tanner Dance, Demonstrations & Workshops (K-6): Side-by-Side Dance Residency Program offers weekly dance classes Tanner Dance also offers free professional development workshops for classroom teachers throughout the year; free in-school lecture demonstrations with 40 students and two live musicians; and free matinee performances at Capitol Theatre and Sandy Amphitheatre. Free!

Media Arts

  • SpyHop, Media Arts Shorts, Intensives and Assemblies: Introduce students to the language and concepts of media arts (audio/music, film/animation, video game design) through an interactive experience.
  • Utah Film Center, Media Literacy Through Film: Range of programs that introduce teachers and students to the power of film as a teaching and learning tool.

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