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If there was ever a time to become an advocate, it is right now. This week, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill that includes an overall $4.4 billion proposed increase in funding for the U.S. Department of Education, including $500 million in increased funding for Title II-A . If enacted, Title II-A would receive a total of $2.555 billion for FY2020. So this sounds like great news – why is advocacy so important now?

While this is a very positive start, we are very early on in the appropriations process and we face several significant hurdles ahead including negotiations with the White House around increased spending caps, a Senate version of appropriations still to be revealed and then negotiations around a final number. Members of Congress need to hear loudly that Title II-A is critical to your schools and district as well as the impact that the dollars have for educators and students.

Here are three steps to get to work on (visit Learning Forward’s take action page for tips and tools):

  • Email, call, or tweet about #TitleIIA to your members of Congress. (Please tag @LearningForward so we can retweet.)
  • Build your data brief (see examples).
  • Mark your calendar to participate in a National Title II-A Day of Action on May 15!