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There is a new feature on our Wellness platform of text messaging.

Why do I want to do this?

It will make tracking challenges easier and will keep you updated on all upcoming challenges and events. You will not need to go into the website or app to update your challenges. Responding to your text reminders will automatically update your challenge.

How do I sign up for text messaging?

  1. Hover over the profile dropdown on the top right side of the homepage and click on your name.
  2. On you profile page you will see a space to enter in your mobile phone number. A green check mark will appear once the number has been verified.

How do I get the points for setting up my text messaging?

  1. Download the WellRight mobile app form the App or Play store. *Remember you will receive a verification code in your email for downloading the mobile app. Put that code in into WellRight to receive credit.*
  2. Take a screenshot of your verification text for signing up for text messaging.
  3. Upload it to earn your 10 points.

How do I turn on text tracking for a challenge?

Via the challenge info page:

  1.  Scroll through the challenge to text messaging section
  2. Toggle the status switch to on
  3.  Select the days and time you want to receive your text reminders.
  4. SAVE

Via calendar page:

  1. From calendar page, clink on text reminders
  2. Locate your challenge tracker and schedule the time and days for reminders
  3. Toggle the status switch to on
  4. SAVE

How do I track my challenge via text messaging:

  1. Set up text tracking
  2. Once you receive a text, answer with the appropriate measurement (yes/no, or amount of).
  3. Send text


  1. If you forgot to screenshot your verification for text messaging, screenshot your profile page with mobile phone number.
  2. Verify that you put in your mobile phone number and save it.
  3. I keep getting reminder at 8:00 am everyday. This is by default, you can update your tracking reminder within the challenge details page.
  4. If further assistance is needed please contact your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner

This is an elective activity and you do not need to participate to earn incentives. No mobile numbers will be giving out to other parties or companies.

Join us in this fun and easy tracking of your challenges.