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There are many strategies that teachers can implement to help support the language and literacy development of their multilingual learners. By implementing specific strategies, we can give our ML students the linguistic support needed to access grade-level content and have a greater chance at mastery.

Each week we will share one strategy that you could adapt to meet the needs of your diverse multilingual students. As you read through the strategy, you can keep in mind your specific ML students to determine how the strategy shared can support your learners during Tier 1 instruction. You can implement these instructional strategies to provide every learner with what they need to have academic and linguistic success!

ML Tip Overview:

I can find and use the Wonders ELL resources to support my students in Tier 1.

Domain Focus:

Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing


Whole Group or Small Group


Can vary depending on the ML support selected.

ELL Supports in Wonders

Wonders provides targeted language support for all levels of English Language proficiency. Each of your English language learners is unique and has varying levels of language proficiency. You can use the individual domain proficiency levels to select supports from Wonders that will support your students in specific areas during Tier 1 reading instruction. Some of your students may need additional support with writing, while other students need further questioning and prompting with background knowledge and vocabulary.

Appropriately scaffolded instruction helps our ML students attain proficiency and understand grade-level texts and concepts. Wonders provides support for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of language proficiencies.

There are weekly supports for all domains with the reading selections, vocabulary, grammar topics, writing supports and more. These resources can be found in your teacher manuals, but you can also see all the available resources for the week online! Lets take a look at the view of our ELL resources on the Wonders Weekly Planner!


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