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The District World Languages Committee and the District Fine Arts Committee met in December.  Below are the meeting summaries.

District World Languages Committee Meeting Report

DWLC went over login instructions for French & Spanish through Clever (online access setup for Wayside curriculum was finalized by District on 12/8/23)

Each language gathered a list of useful resources to add to the CN (a shared spreadsheet was created to keep all resources that need to be added to the CN)

District Fine Arts Committee Meeting Summary

The Fine Arts Curriculum Review Cycle committee met on December 18, 2023. The team members had a working session to continue completing the secondary and elementary “Curriculum Notebook Findings” files, noting what is currently represented in the Curriculum Notebook for fine arts and elements that should be added. A review of the contents in the shared drive occurred for committee members to further utilize these documents in their study. Survey questions were compiled for a future survey to be distributed to the fine arts teachers in the district. This teacher-directed committee is working to assess the district’s current instructional program for K-12 fine arts.