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District World Language Committee Meeting Report

DWLC February 27 meeting summary

The committee gathered a number of samples from 5 different publishers during the SWCOLT conference held in Salt Lake City on 2/24-2/25. Samples included textbooks as well as online resources.

During our meeting, we divided the samples according to languages and levels and started reviewing them, using the rubric we had finalized on 12/5/22.

Each committee member left with samples to keep reviewing and to share with colleagues at their respective schools.

Our plan is to further review and discuss the different options during our District PD on March 14th, 2023, when we will have an opportunity to meet as Language teachers (both at the elementary and secondary levels).

Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

As a summary of our meeting yesterday, February 27, 2023, the committee worked on the needs assessment document with all four parts of the document having comments that will be shared with the administrations and faculties of the secondary schools. They were tasked with having a similar activity using the needs assessment document with their colleagues and being prepared to report back next month.

There was also a discussion led by Anne-Marie concerning the EOY ELA interim assessment. It was decided that the EOY test will not be administered this year; next year grades 6 – 8 will use the RISE benchmarks and RISE summative as the common interim assessments as they look for a possible curriculum with appropriate assessments to replace the RISE; and High schools agreed to find an alternative assessment that can be used as the interim since the RISE does not go beyond 8th grade.


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