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Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

On Monday, March 20, 2023, the secondary DLC met and edited the draft of the needs assessment document by:

  • adding newly identified needs from discussions with colleagues from their schools between the Feb and Mar meetings
  • prioritizing the identified needs into High, medium, low, and dropped
  • agreeing to the suggested changes

They then accepted the task of sharing the new draft one more time with their faculties and returning to share any needed changes in our last meeting in April. We will then create the final draft of the needs assessment document that will guide their work next year in the second phase.

Elementary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

The DLC Committee focused on analyzing the feedback we received regarding the Wonders professional development completed during the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers found the PD sessions helped them learn more about the EL resources, mini-lessons, and writing during reading. Teachers also indicated that they would like more time to collaborate with their team on how to implement new learning, specific example videos for Tier 1, and more notification of the PD sessions prior to the day of. The committee also looked at additional Wonders topics that teachers would like to learn more about for the 2023-2024 school year. Some suggestions for Wonders topics were collaborative conversations, vocabulary, close reading routines, differentiated learning, and grade-level-specific options.

District World Language Committee Meeting Summary

DWLC March 20, 2023 meeting summary

Each language representative brought back feedback from their respective language group, based on our district PD meeting on 3/14/23

Each language continued the work of reviewing and comparing the various materials available for potential adoption

A shared spreadsheet was created to gather each language’s request. The goal is to gather specific requests (which material for which level, how many copies…) before Spring Break (3/31/23) so that Judy Rose can start contacting the various publishers to obtain quotes

Each language representative will continue to share feedback back and forth between our DWLC committee and their respective PLC


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