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SUU is offering an excellent opportunity for anyone thinking about enrolling in a masters program.

  • If there is a geographically centered cohort (e.g., same district or county), SUU will start a summer cohort and offer some of the coursework face to face. This is a real possibility because people in neighboring districts are committed to enrolling.
  • Those people who start this summer are eligible for remaining tuition waivers from state monies for the 2021-22 school year. These waivers are available for this summer only. However, they have partial tuition waivers each semester.
  • SUU’s graduate program has 5 “majors” for candidates to choose from. The LEAD and SPED majors also lead to UT licensure.
  • Those people who start in summer and have eligible transfer electives* can complete the masters program in three semesters (one calendar year).
  • Those people who have completed – or complete – a Utah 5000-level endorsement for university credit can transfer 12 of those credits into the M.Ed. A list of those endorsements and additional program information is available at the link above.

Please reach out to Joel Judd, Ph.D., Associate Professor, SUU, at 435-586-1952, if you have questions.