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Provo Vs Provo Challenge


To have the most ACTIVE minutes for the month of October. This challenge is a school against school or location against location or department against department challenge. Active minutes mean an increase in heart rate or faster movement. Not all movement is an active movement, this is intentional movement.


  • Go to your WellRight account
  • Scroll to Wellness Challenges
  • Click on add a challenge
  • Check the box next to Provo Vs Provo and click next
  • Select your location/school name and click save


Log into your Wellness Right account WEEKLY and log your active minutes either by going to Daily Activities or Provo vs Provo challenge. You can make one entry with the full week’s minutes if you choose.


You will receive 200 points for participating in this challenge. The winning teams will earn an additional 50 points.


There MUST be 10 employees on the team for it to be eligible to join the challenge. All schools/locations will have 1 TEAM!

Questions: Ask your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner

Let’s have fun!


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