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Self Funding FAQ

What does self funding mean?  Will I, the employee, be funding my medical insurance?

  • Self funding relates specifically to the employer, meaning the employer will be the funding source, paying the medical claims rather than an insurance company.  As a general rule, most employees will not feel or see a difference when it comes to the funding source.  

What will I, the employee see with a change in medical benefits?

  • Plan designs will remain the same, offering a traditional plan as well as a qualified high deductible plan (HSA).
  • Deductibles, co-pays and max out of pockets will remain the same.
  • Premiums will remain the same as the 2022-23 plan year, no increase in monthly premiums for 2023-24 to the employee.
  • HSA matching will continue as it has in years past
  • FSA will continue as it has in past years
  • While we will no longer be insured with SelectHealth, the IHC network will fall within our covered plan.

How can I see if my medical provider is covered on the new plan?

  • You may visit with our new medical insurance provider at our Benefit Fair, on August 7th.  If you would like more immediate answers, feel free to reach out to Erika Halford or Cat Miner.

Will Provo City School District continue to offer a wellness program?

  • Yes, the district will be rolling out a new wellness program, which will include a new platform/app

I take regular medications, should I get them refilled now, or wait for the new insurance?

  • While you can certainly wait to refill prescriptions, we do encourage you to refill any and all of your prescriptions prior to September 1st.  This recommendation is because you most likely have met your 2022-23 deductibles, which will save you money now.

I have a medical procedure that I need to have done.  Should I work to get my procedure now, or wait for the new plan?

  • As with prescriptions, you can certainly wait but we do encourage you to consider getting any procedures done before September 1st..  This recommendation is because you most likely have met your 2022-23 deductibles, which will save you money now.

Dental and Vision benefits will remain the same

  • No changes in Dental or Vision benefits.

Annual Open Enrollment

Annual Open Enrollment will be held July 17 – August 11 (the very last day to enroll).  You must log into your account by the end of the day on August 11th, or all benefits will be waived.

  • We will be having abenefits fair on August 7
  • Computer Labs will be held on August 10th and 11th
  • Please complete open enrollment independently if possible

More information to come so make sure to check your emails!!


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