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USBE needs teachers who are willing to participate in beta testing of Secondary Science Microcredential Stacks.

A Microcredential is a digital form of certification indicating demonstrated competency/mastery of a specific skill or set of skills through evidence of planning/preparation, implementation, and reflection. A Microcredential Stack is a specific set of microcredentials representing related skills or concepts. Completed Microcredential Stacks can be used to meet Utah Endorsement Requirement Areas.

There are two secondary science stacks. The Three-Dimensional Teaching and Learning stack consisting of the microcredentials Nature of Science & Nature of Engineering, CCCs, SEPs, DCIs, Phenomenon-Based Teaching & Learning, Equity & Accessibility, STEM & Society, and 3D Science Assessments. The Science Teaching Methods stack consisting of the microcredentials Student Sensemaking, Instructional Models, Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment, Curriculum creation/review/adoption, Student Discourse, Collaboration, & Consensus, Integration with math, ELA, & other STEM disciplines, and Professional Collaboration & Ongoing Learning.

Beta testing will consist of teachers earning 2-3 microcredentials and providing feedback on their experience. Normally, a microcredential will cost $20 to complete. Teachers participating in Beta Testing will be able to earn them for free. It is expected that a microcredential will take roughly 5 hours to complete and review.

If you are interested in participating in Beta Testing of the Secondary Science Microcredentials, please fill out this google by Sept 30, 2022.

For more information:

  • Milo Maughan
  • Secondary Science Education Specialist
  • Utah State Board of Education
  • (801) 538-7808

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