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Try This Strategy! Same Scene Twice

In Same Scene Twice, students will discuss the same topic two times: the first time more casually and the second using academic language. Students use notes and research to guide their second conversation. Learn more and see the strategy in action on ELLevation.


This week we have been meeting with EL supervisors and admin at each school to discuss LTELs (Long-Term ELs) and the students who got a 4.2 on the ACCESS last year that didn’t get a 3.5 on the speaking portion. All schools have great ideas for how to reach these students specifically; thank you for doing that work! If you would like to know more about your school’s plan, or to see information about your students who fall into either category, reach out to your EL supervisor or to Tani Brown.

Curriculum Corner: Grading in Vista

Did you know that there are three ways to grade submissions in Vista? You can grade assignments by student, but you can also grade by question or even spotcheck student work. Click the links to see how to use each type of grading and learn about other grading tools.


Please make sure that you have enough headphones with microphones for your students to regularly practice speaking and recording. Reach out if you need more!


UCTM is proud to announce it's 2nd Annual Materials Grant! In 2023, we funded over $18,000 worth...