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Try This Strategy!

Powerful Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way for students to practice listening in authentic contexts. Before they listen, preview vocabulary and provide background information. Allow students to listen independently but have them engage with peers in discussion after listening. To learn more about using podcasts in your classroom, download listening guides, and find options for podcasts you can use,

Gale in Context

Utah’s Online Library recently added Gale in Context to its collection of free resources. This database provides students with vetted and age-appropriate informational texts on hundreds of topics. You can assign students articles to read or allow them to do their own research, and many of the texts have the option to adjust the Lexile measure. To access Gale in Context, go to and choose either Middle or High School. Then scroll to Gale in Context.

Contact Tani Brown if you’d like a demonstration of all that Gale in Context offers!

Curriculum Corner: Standards View & Analytics in Vista Gradebook

Did you know that you can view your students’ progress by standard in the Vista Gradebook? You can also download reports to monitor students’ progress throughout a unit.


Our next ELD Professional Development meeting will be on Wednesday, March 27. Please request your sub now if you haven’t already.