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Secondary ELD teachers, check out this week’s ELD newsletter to learn about using micro-progressions to help your students improve their writing, preparing your classroom for the ACCESS test, and re-linking Vista to your Clever courses.

Try This Strategy!


To help students practice following a model and improve their writing, use micro-progressions: a way of breaking down a skill into small steps. Choose a skill you want them to practice (adding details, supporting with evidence, etc.) and then break it up into three levels. Create examples for each level and let students decide what makes each level better than the last before doing their own writing (following the best example).

Classroom Prep for ACCESS

With ACCESS testing coming up, remember to do the following in your classroom:

  • Cover up or take down signs, word walls, etc.
  • Create a “Do Not Disturb” sign to hang outside your room
  • Make sure you have plenty of headphones for all of your students
  • Decide on a quiet activity that students can do if they finish before others

Curriculum Corner: Re-Link Vista to Courses

With a new semester starting, you’ll need to re-link your Vista courses to Clever courses.


  • Growth goals are now current on Ellevation – look under LEP Information on a student’s page to see their state growth goals for the ACCESS test
  • Secondary ELD Professional Development Day: January 24, 8-3
  • Download Secondary ELD Newsletter for Jan. 9, 2024