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Try This Strategy!

Listen, Write, Correct

This is a great strategy to help students listen and practice specific concepts you’ve taught them. First, choose a text excerpt that includes the language element that will be the focus of instruction. Read that text aloud and have students write what they hear (read the text multiple times). Review the concepts or language elements and help students correct what they wrote. To download a teacher planner and texts to help you with this strategy, log into Ellevation and then click here to go straight to the strategy. [,-write,-correct]


Looking for authentic listening samples with pre-made listening comprehension and discussion questions? Check out Listenwise! A free account gives you access to hundreds of current events for students to listen to, most of them under 3 minutes. Students can slow down and repeat the audio clips once you’ve shared them. If you also teach ELA, you can log into Listenwise through your myPerspectives account to see current events that connect with the units in the myPerspectives curriculum.

Curriculum Corner: Grammar Tutorial Scripts

Vista has provided scripts for each of the grammar tutorial lessons throughout the units. These scripts walk you through exactly what to say and what questions you can ask as you help students understand new grammar concepts. To access the grammar tutorial scripts in any content area, go to Resources and scroll down to Grammar Tutorials Scripts.


We are now halfway through the ACCESS testing window. Please reach out to Tani or Ari if you have questions or need any help getting students tested.