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Secondary ELD teachers, check out this week’s ELD newsletter to learn about a new reading strategy, content-area word parts, and instructor-generated assignments on the Vista platform.

Try This Strategy!

A Reader, A Reporter, An Announcer

In this reading strategy, students work in groups of 3 to read and understand a text. In their groups, one student reads and pauses to discuss, one student writes down important points from the discussion, and one student prepares to share with the class. You can have students switch roles after chunks of the reading as well.

Common Content Area Word Parts

Explicitly teaching root words and affixes can help students determine the meanings of new words, especially in their content-area classes. Read Write Think has compiled a list of common content area roots and affixes that can help you decide where to start when teaching these word parts. The list includes over 30 roots/affixes with their definitions and examples of words using them in science, social studies, and math.

Curriculum Corner: Instructor-Generated Assignments

Did you know that you can create your own activities that follow the patterns in the Vista program?


We are now halfway through the ACCESS testing window. Please reach out to Tani or Ari if you have questions or need any help getting students tested.