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Try This Strategy!

Word Walls – ACCESS Edition

Word Walls are a great way for students to engage with vocabulary throughout a unit. As you are getting ready for ACCESS testing, you may want to choose some words that students will encounter on the test. Think about words that may be in the directions or look at sample items to find words that will help your students succeed.


Are you looking for a fun way to get students speaking a lot in one class period? Try a Fliphunt! A Fliphunt is a video-based scavenger hunt that allows students to learn new things, document their learning, and practice speaking at the same time! Simply decide what kinds of videos you want students to create and assign “points” to each activity – the team with the most points at the end of class wins! Make sure to include some movement and fun videos to engage students.

Curriculum Corner: Get Ready Activity Pack

Each unit in Get Ready has an activity pack with supplementary activities for each unit. Many of the activities (information gap, role plays, and surveys) focus on practicing spoken communication. The practice activities also help students practice the grammar and vocabulary concepts in the unit. To find the activity pack, go to Resources and download the pack for the unit you’re working on.


Ellevation Virtual Conference December 4, 5, & 7  Please check that all of your ELD students have a globe icon on PowerSchool; email Ari or Tani with questions