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Try This Strategy! Running Dictation

Running Dictation is a strategy that helps students practice all 4 domains. To do this activity, create or find a short text and cut up the sentences. Tape them around the room and divide students into pairs. One student has the job of finding the texts, reading them, and running back to their partner. They read the sentence to their partner, who writes it down, and then the first partner finds another sentence.

Rosetta Stone Storybooks

Rosetta Stone Storybooks include 20 guided stories and include writing prompts, comprehension quizzes, corresponding audio files, and answer keys. While we only have Rosetta Stone in ELD 1 classes this year, anyone can use these storybooks. They could be a great way to help students prepare for ACCESS, RISE, or Aspire Plus testing.

Curriculum Corner: Individual Assignments in Vista

To assign an activity or assessment to an individual student, choose “Individual Students” next to ASSIGN TO and then click SAVE AND ASSIGN. From here you’ll be able to choose the students from your roll. This is a great way to differentiate in small groups or with students at different levels!


  • Please check that all of your ELD students have a globe icon on PowerSchool; email Ari or Tani with questions