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Created by the Natural History Museum of Utah, Research Quest is a suite of free online investigations and supporting educational materials designed to help students develop critical thinking skills.

The online set of investigations bring the Museum’s research and collections into classrooms, each designed to support middle school curriculum standards.

In each investigation, students will engaged with videos featuring the museum scientists. In addition, students will explore digitized museum collections and data to gather their own evidence for the research question at hand. Throughout their work, students will be able to record their evidence and reasoning in their Research Quest notebooks, and test their ideas by sharing them with their classmates. 

Guided by their teacher, students think critically, work collaboratively, and engage with a variety of inter-activities such as virtual 3D models of dinosaur fossils and a design-your-own dinosaur game. It’s easy to get started. Just go to the Research Quest website to create a FREE account. Click on “Getting Started” and you’ll be on your way.

Also, coming the Fall of 2019 there will be four new investigations added to the Research Quest website. These investigations will provide students with the chance to examine change and stability in the Uinta Mountains of Utah.


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