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If you would like to participate in PCSD Wellness University and earn the incentives that come along with that participation here are the required activities.

ALL wellness participants need to complete ALL three activities to earn their wellness incentives.

HealthyU (This is the online learning portion of PCSD Wellness University)

  • Complete 6 courses of your choice on topics which include:
    • sleep
    • weight
    • financial health
    • health health
    • stress
    • preventative
    • and more – over 200 courses
  • Each course is worth 20 points for a total of 120 points
  • Healthy U is easy to get started
  • one click on the healthyU icon in the required activities section
  • click on the blue learn button
  • choose your course
  • watch the 2-5 minute video and answer the questions after
  • you need 70% to move on to the next course

Wellness Evaluation

  • This is the health assessment for PCSD Wellness University
  • Complete the 10 minute survey to receive your customized health profile.
  • This activity is worth 200 points
  • East to get started
    • click the health evaluation icon in the required activities section
    • click the blue start button
    • answer the questions
  • For a more detailed summary of your evaluation, click on the health evaluation in the top toolbar
    • click on health profile to find out more about your:
    • strengths
    • habits
    • biometrics
    • conditions
    • health age

Wellness Screening or PCP Visit

  • Onsite screening event that will focus on five aspects of Wellbeing:
    • physical
    • mental
    • nutrition
    • financial
    • environmental
  • 4 onsite screening events will be held at:
    • Provo High School – library
    • Centennial Middle School – cafeteria
    • Grandview Learning Center – stage side
    • District Office – Professional Learning Center
  • OR Visit your Primary Care Provider

You will earn 520 points towards your point totals when you finish ALL three requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner.


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