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Provo on the Move is ready for registration. Registration ends March 7

This is a step challenge.  You can create a team with up to 20 members. It is really an easy challenge. As a team track your steps towards a degree.

  • Associate Degree – 2,100,000 – 2,939,999 steps
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 2,940,000 – 4,199,999 steps
  • Master’s Degree – 4,200,000 – 5,039,999 steps
  • Doctorate Degree – 5,040,000 steps

By the end of March you will know which degree your team earned. 

Please note: because of how this challenge was set up it will only be a web-based challenge for anyone with an iPhone. You can use your phone and device to keep track of steps you take but you can not enter the steps into the challenge via your phone only on the computer.

If you have any questions, please contact your Wellness Manager or Cat Miner.