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Congratulations to all of these employees and thank you to them for all the hard work they do every day to make our district great!

Sherri Hunt – Independence High School Tracker

Sherri works very hard for the students at IHS. Sherri will do whatever is asked of her. If a teacher needs help making supplies for labs, assignments, or activities, she will combine her time of keeping students accountable for where they should be and helping teachers prepare. Sherri will also do class assignments to better help students. Sherri offers help but doesn’t give the answer. Many students and teachers depend on Sherri every day.

Jay Shaffer – District Maintenance

Jay is an incredible ESP! He’s worked many years as a custodian but now works as the District Maintenance and Operation Service Worker.

I have never seen a more efficient worker. As a custodian for Centennial Middle School, Jay was always seen cleaning the building. Ne never rested from his duties there and the school shined like a brand new building. He was cheerful in his responsibilities and always happy to go the extra mile time and time again. His service to our school will never be forgotten. He understands that a clean environment helps students learn. The district is lucky to have Jay in any position.

Elizabeth Molinaro – Provo Peaks Librarian

What I admire most about Elizabeth Molinaro is her ability to make a real connection with our students. She approaches each class with such enthusiasm and creativity that it draws our students in and leads them to participation, cooperation, and growth. Students love working with Mrs. Molinaro and often say it is their favorite time of the school day. They know that she knows them by name and is invested in what they think and want to learn. For this reason and many more Elizabeth Molinaro is the perfect person to receive this award.

Belinda Robinson – Centennial Child Nutrition Manager

Belinda is so great to work with at Centennial. I always see her smiling and helping the students in the morning with their breakfast as I am coming and going from my classroom in the morning. She is very organized with the meals that she plans and is knowledgeable about what is going on each week in her kitchen. It is obvious that she knows what she is doing. As a foods teacher, I am occasionally asking to get ice for my labs or to use some equipment when we do our big semester cookie project. Belinda has been great to work with and is mindful of the community of teachers around her in the school. She sends emails to inform us when needed and I feel like she is a great asset to Centennial and the students we serve.

Matt Morden – Independence High School Office Manager

Matt absolutely sets the tone for our office and our school. With his fun personality and sense of humor, Matt creates a welcoming and happy environment for our school. Because he is in the office, Matt has to have all types of interactions with students and parents. Some of these interactions are positive and some are not as pleasant. Matt has found a great balance where he never puts down any of the students even as he calls them on their bad behavior. Matt always helps any of the teachers or staff with anything that they need even if it is not part of his official job description. We are extremely lucky to Matt at our school.

Josh Espinoza – District Technology

Josh works on our website but is always willing to pitch in when needed. He does everything from driving the forklift to delivering technology to the schools. He’s even tempered and friendly to everyone. He’s an awesome coworker and good friend to many of our techs, including me.

Loraine Roberson – Provost Elementary Child Nutrition Manager

Loraine has proven herself to be a caring, valuable and exceptional employee. Loraine works diligently to achieve the best results for her school and students from every aspect of the Child Nutrition Program! She goes out of her way to collect uniforms on her own time for new employees district wide to help them financially when they are newly hired. Loraine is always looking for new and exciting ideas to enrich the lunchroom experience and brighten her children’s school day. Loraine Roberson is the epitome of a dedicated School Nutrition Professional and the Provost Elementary community is lucky to have her unique combination of professional dedication, exceptional enthusiasm and heart of gold! Loraine Roberson is an outstanding individual and very deserving of this award!

Loraine was also chosen as the nominee who will be going to the State Level at Delegates Conference. Congratulations, Loraine! 


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