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Past Provo Peaks students (now at Centennial Middle School) and current Provo Peaks students held a fundraiser on 3/2/19 to raise money for USA-Teleton, which supports a special needs rehabilitation and therapy center in Texas and helps with grants for medical care all over the US. USA-Teleton sent Jomari, a well-known Latino celebrity, to film segments during the fundraiser on March 2nd to be part of the upcoming 24-hour live TV telethon to be broadcast on March 22nd.

The USA-Teleton 24-hour live TV telethon esd broadcast on local channel 32 (Univision) this past Friday, March 22nd in the United States and in Mexico. USA-Teleton has 2 broadcast sites in Los Angeles and Miami, but they are also including Provo Peaks this year as a satellite site! Jomari hosted from the Provo Peaks gym on Friday evening, 3/22/19, at 7pm, as the broadcast goes between Los Angeles, Miami, and Provo. They revealed how much Provo Peaks earned during their fundraiser in March and featured many of our Provo Peaks families on camera.

The former Provo Peaks students (now 7th graders at Centennial Middle School) were featured on USA-Teleton last year in Miami (while 6th graders) to acknowledge the funds they raised while in 5th grade. USA-Teleton said the live telethon last year was the most money they have ever raised and they are hoping to partner with Provo Peaks every year.

See the Teleton USA website for more information.


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