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I’m Engaged in Digital for Good!

Learning Target: I am learning to use technology for civic engagement and to be a force for good.

Our students are not only tech-savvy but they’re also becoming active digital citizens. They’re using technology to address issues that matter to them, a process we’re calling micro-activism.

Micro-activism refers to small, everyday actions people can take to support or advocate for a cause or issue. This could be as simple as being kind to someone online, signing an online petition, sharing a social cause on social media, or choosing to buy from companies that align with your values. It’s about making small changes that, collectively, can have a big impact.

While not all acts of micro-activism result in immediate change, the process of engaging with community issues using digital tools is a vital skill. As they grow, this ability to motivate others in a virtual space will be a key factor in their future civic leadership.

So, let’s encourage our students to continue using tech to make a difference. They’re not just our future leaders, they’re already leading the way! 

Here are the recommended digital citizenship lessons from our approved Commonsense Media curriculum for the month of November.

This announcement was created using “Digital for Good: Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World” by Richard Culatta and prompts with Generative AI.

Watch the video below for an amazing example of micro-activitism and using Digital for Good.

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