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Reasons 7-10 from the article “10 Reasons Every Teacher Should Attend an Edcamp“:

7. FREEDOM TO EXPLORE You can move in and out of sessions based on your needs—no hurt feelings if you leave a session and join another one. Everyone is encouraged to come and go. It’s referred to as “voting with your feet.”

8. YOU CAN LEARN WITH A FRIEND Invite a friend to attend with you. This is a great way to get other teachers on board with tech integration and help them learn about what’s new in the education industry.

9. COLLABORATION Sometimes a collaborative document is created so that attendees can add notes about the conversations that are happening in the sessions they’re attending. If you can’t make every session you want to, refer to the collaborating sheet to see what you missed.

10. PROFESSIONAL REJUVENATION I always leave on a high from all the great ideas shared within such a smart and passionate group of educators. It’s electrifying to be with educators who love learning and are so enthusiastic about their craft. If your teaching flame is running low, use an Edcamp to reignite it.

With those 10 great reasons in mind, register for the Wasatch South EdCamp. The free event will be held September 29th from 8:00-3:30 at Meadowbrook in Springville.

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