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As our contract with McGraw Hill (Wonders) comes to a close, the District Literacy Committee is in the process of exploring new K–6 ELA programs. We are committed to selecting a program that is in line with the newly updated state core standards and that will meet the needs of K – 6 students and educators across the district. As part of this review process, we invite all teachers, administrators, and members of the community to explore each of the 3 programs being considered. Materials will be on display and available for review from 1:30pm – 3:30pm on Friday, May 13th at the GLC. A survey will be available for you to give feedback and share your insights on each of the programs being considered. We value your input and hope to see you on May 13th at the GLC!


How will I know if I should attend Provo Cohort #1 (Units 5 – 8) Teachers in this group...