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USBE invites you to join other Utah educators in 30 Days of Writing. A daily invitation to pause and write for 5-10 minutes will be emailed to you. Invitations may ask you to reflect on questions, consider mentor texts, engage in guided imagery, or pick a topic of your choice. Choose to participate with the invitations how you wish.

There are no submission requirements. There is no checking up on whether you’ve followed through. Miss a day? That’s ok, join us for the next one. This is low-stakes writing – no judgment, no evaluation.

The 30 Days of Writing will take place from January 8 to February 6, 2024.

Invitations will be emailed in the mornings. Write at a time of day (or night) that works for you on the forum.


To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day, our local McDonald’s owner/operators have...