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Did you know that not all pharmacies have the same price for medications? Prescription prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, and even vary by location! With so much inconsistency, it’s important to know where to go to get the best deal. This is especially true if you are enrolled in Provo City School District’s high deductible health plan. Below you will find some suggestions and programs that can help you save money on your medications.

SelectHealth’s Rx Savings Solutions

SelectHealth’s Rx Savings Solutions program provides transparency into your prescription costs and shows you the lowest price at in-network pharmacies for medications you and your family take. To enroll, log in to your SelectHealth member account and search for the Rx Savings Solution program.

GoodRx Comparison Tool

The GoodRx Comparison tool allows you to compare drug prices at over 70,000 pharmacies across the country, including big chain stores and small, local pharmacies. Research over 6,000 drugs to find the best deal in your area. To access, simply go to, type in your zip code, and begin searching your medications.

Generic Medications

Save money on your prescription drug costs by using generic medications when available. Generic drugs are as effective as their name-brand counterparts and cost significantly less.

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