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We hope your summer went well and that you got the rest you deserve. We are making plans to return to schools for in-person instruction unless otherwise directed by the government officials.

The Professional Development Department worked with classroom teachers to create16 hours of Blended Learning options to utilize in preparation for our 2021 with 1:1 devices in classrooms. All K-12 students will be assigned Chrome-books and Canvas remains as our LMS. Additionally, other professional development and support will be offered throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Please note: Your principal and blended learning coordinators will be facilitating the online learning platform implementation, professional development, and support at your school throughout the year. Each school will have a Canvas coordinator as part of their blended learning team.

The Provo City School District’s initial professional development to support your preparation for continued use of blended learning strategies in your classroom is outlined below. Our intent is to provide options that you can complete at your own pace over the next few weeks and months.

16 Contract Time Self-Selected Professional Development Hours

Superintendent Rittel set aside a significant amount from the district’s Federal E.S.S.E.R. funds. The PD’s guidelines are:

  • The 16 hours to be completed between August 1 and October 20, 2021.
  • The purpose is to support how to utilize the elements of Blended Learning and the Canvas on-line platform.
  • Teachers will learn how to embed Blended Learning across Canvas.
  • Please collaborate with other teachers to complete the training.
  • Select the blended learning topics that will be most useful in your educational setting.

Steps to Complete 16 Hours of PD

  • Visit the website and review your choices for the next 16 hours of self-directed PD.
  • Plan from among these several options: Blended Learning, Canvas (new 2021-2022 course)Modern Classroom, Kyte Learning, Second Step (Social Emotional Skills Information and Curriculum), Using Kyte to learn Nearpod and Jamboard,
  • More selections will be added in the coming weeks, continue to check the website under Blended Learning for updated options.
  • Complete the log by following this link before October 20, 2021.
  • 16 contract hours (curriculum rate) will be paid in September’s paycheck.
  • Please visit our website to view and select from our list of Blended Learning and Canvas courses, modules, and activities. HERE.

Elementary Teachers Please Note:  The elementary CANVAS format will be changing over the next few months.  More information will be coming soon regarding specific changes.  You can work on content within CANVAS but do NOT work on your homepage, buttons or format as these features will change and be lost. 

Getting into Canvas: PCSD Teachers have been assigned an account in Canvas. The easiest way to access your account is to go in through the Google Array (9 dots at the top of your Provo City School District email account) and select the Canvas app ICON. Three ways to get into your Canvas Account here.

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