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Digital Literacy – Lateral Reading

“Facts matter. The prevalence of mis-, dis-, and malinformation online makes it tempting to think that nothing can be trusted, but that is false. Facts are everywhere; it’s up to us to detect and amplify them.

  • Curate digital citizenship.
  • Open more tabs.
  • Read multiple sources.
  • Read laterally.

Students Must be Digital Detectives.

We may not always agree on … who has the best solution[s], but we do know that the answers to [our] questions must be rooted in facts.” – Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins, Developing Digital Detectives

Clever QR

Students have quick & easy access to their QR codes with velcro on the inside of their desk! This tip is from Jennifer Frame, Westridge 1st grade. Watch the video.

Media Assignments From Meh to WOW!

Canvas Media assignment errors are frustrating. KAMI is the answer and a gamechanger. Watch the brief youtube tutorials to see how it is applicable for teachers and students of all grade levels!

Kami for Lower Grades

Kami 101

Kami Toolbar Explained

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