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Elementary teachers have another chance to attend the Great Basin Field Experience.

Please apply and join us for a two and a half day interdisciplinary trip in June.

This learning experience is aligned with the Utah Core Standards for Science in elementary grades. 

In addition to exploring many places, you will return with supplies, samples, and materials for your classroom that you have gathered, making science lessons more meaningful for you and your students.  You will engage in journaling, drawing, photography and specimen collecting. 

All certified teachers that complete the course will receive a stipend; relicensure credit is available. Meals and lodging for the trip will be provided.

Timeline Pre-Trip Class Tuesday, June 6, 4-6:30 pm Grandview Learning Center (gym)

Field Experience Itinerary Thursday, June 8 Meet at the District Office, vehicles leave at 4 pm Travel to Pioneer Kilns, Sunstone Knoll, and Fort Blackhawk Friday, June 9 Visit Conger Springs, Great Basin National Park (Lehmann Caves), and Night Sky Observations Saturday, June 10 Visit Topaz Internment Camp Museum and Topaz Mountain (Trip Schedule may vary)

Post-Trip Class Tuesday, June 13, 4-5 pm Grandview Learning Center (gym)


If you have questions, please email