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global programs
Global Education Allies invites all interested educators (including pre-school and K-12 teachers, professors and administrators) to apply to the following programs. Each of these programs currently still have room, but spaces are limited!

Our educational excursions will give participants an inside look and the chance to observe different education systems, ask questions of experts and make connections with local K-12 educators and administrators, while also discovering the rich history and culture of the regions we visit. Application links can be found on the website at

Finland + Sweden and the Baltic’s

A History of Deliberate Effort to Leave No Child Behind, June 12th-28th (includes pre- and post trip options)

Global Education Allies invites all interested educators to Finland and Estonia to explore the educational systems that have astounded many with their top performing scores, while employing an approach to schooling that some call “unorthodox”. Finnish and Estonian schools are known for their high levels of trust and equity, lack of standardized tests, long outdoor recesses, minimal homework, shorter school days, and minimal pressure to perform. The Finnish school system has been in the limelight ever since the first results of the PISA surveys (conducted every three years by the OECD) put Finland at or near the top in reading, math, and science. Estonia is emerging fast and is now a leader in digital learning and cloud-based educational infrastructure. Click on the hyperlink above for more info and watch our program video here.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Culturally and Ecologically responsive Classrooms, Option A: July 12th-16th, Option B: July 5th-9th

Global Education Allies invites all interested educators to the beautiful Colorado Plateau for a 4-night educator retreat. This area is home to several awe-inspiring national parks, historical Native American sites and protected (and disputed) lands. GEA’s Escalante program aims to facilitate culturally and ecologically responsive-sustaining classrooms. We will explore how we impact our (cultural or ecological) environments through workshops, group discussions and presentations by educators, ecologists, artists, scientists, and members of various communities, including the Diné (Navajo) Nation. Click on the hyperlink above for more info and watch our program video here.

South Pacific (alumni and friends)

Exploring the Intersection of Culture, Community, Colonialism and Colonialism, July 20 – Aug 3 (includes pre- and post trip options)

The South Pacific is home to unparalleled beauty and diversity. The complexity of reconciling differing traditions of being, of modernization and westernization, is highlighted in the education systems which have evolved to fit the needs of the diverse populations that inhabit the South Pacific. Be a part of GEA’s first South Pacific Program and gain valuable insights into the education systems of this region while experiencing the richness of the islands with us. Click on the hyperlink above for more info and watch our program video here.

Upcoming Programs

There is more on the horizon… Our 2024 Programs will take place in Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, Finland, Sweden and the Baltics (late summer), the South Pacific and Southern Africa (Alumni and friends).

About GEA

Global Education Allies is an organization that promotes global collaboration among educators and students. We have teacher partners and alumni in 25 countries, 18 of which we have led educator excursions to. In our 8 years of leading professional development excursions to select locations around the world, we have brought together over 500 educators, with the goal of facilitating discussion and sharing ideas on various topics including culturally and ecologically responsive classrooms, enhancing trust in the classroom and in school culture, building resilient and innovative classrooms while honoring divergent perspectives, and many other issues. We have worked with 60+ different schools, non-profit organizations, universities, national centers of testing, and ministries of education.

Our mission is to offer travel study experiences for educators that aim to provide tools, inspiration, and ongoing support that educators can take back to their own classrooms and schools. On GEA excursions, our participants discover new approaches and innovations for developing and expanding intercultural competencies for their communities, colleagues, and students. Out of the over 500 past participants, many return to participate in more GEA programs. Many of our teachers have kept in touch for years, exchanging ideas and doing collaborative projects in their classrooms.

We appreciate your interest in GEA and are looking forward to this new year of life, learning, and travel! We hope you consider joining us on any of these future excursions!

For any questions about our programs please don’t hesitate to contact one of our traveling teacher leaders at