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The TYE Center is excited to present a recording of the new play, Timmon and the Magic Shoes along with the option of a live, interactive pre or post-workshop.

A story of friendship and acceptance, Timmon and the Magic Shoes is a celebration of what makes us different in the very best ways! Timmon the Giraffe has a short neck, a loving mother, and a knack for exploring until he goes right to where his mother told him not to and gets lost! With the help of his new friends, Adede the Grasshopper (who can’t jump!) and Kummer the Jungle Pup (who needs her glasses to see), Timmon tries to find his way home to his mother while also learning with, and helping teach, his friends to love what makes them special.”

The link to the pre-recorded play can be sent to a teacher or principal and distributed to the rest of the teachers who will be watching the play. The live, interactive workshop, designed by Teresa Love Dayley and conducted by the actors in the play, can be done before or after watching the play. The preferred workshop times are Monday, Wednesday, or Friday any time from 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, though other days and times might be possible, depending on the needs of the teachers.

If principals or teachers are interested in receiving a link to the play or booking an interactive workshop, please ask them to email Marta Myers at


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