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  • Free Live Second Step® Webinars: August

Attend our live webinars ( and connect with experts to learn how Second Step® programs can help you create a safe and supportive school community with social-emotional skills, bullying prevention, and child protection. For current Second Step educators, we’re offering professional development webinars to support your social-emotional learning (SEL) implementation.

August Webinars:

  • August 10th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Strengthen Your School Community with Second Step SEL for Adults
  • August. 17th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time The Newly Expanded Second Step® Family of Programs: SEL for Kids, for Adults, for Everywhere!
  • August 18th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Starting the Year Strong with Second Step Programs
  • August 19th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Second Step Elementary and Bullying Prevention Power to Create a Positive School Climate
  • August 23rd – 2:00 PM Eastern Time A Foundation for Life with Second Step Elementary
  • August 24th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Second Step Middle School: Empowered with Skills for Life
  • August 26th – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Building Back Stronger: Using SEL Resources to Enrich Your OST Program

Visit this listing on our website regularly to learn about new resources and additional webinars available to support educators during the COVID-19 pandemic.