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The Provo School District Foundation is pleased to offer Mini-Grants for teachers once again this year. The purpose of these grants is to reward teachers by funding your creative and innovative classroom projects. This is open to all PCSD teachers. 


The purpose of the Provo School District Foundation’s Mini-Grants for Teachers Program is to reward teachers by funding their creative and innovative classroom projects.  Mini-Grant projects  should enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students.

Grant Awards:

Ten or more grants of up to $500 will be awarded.  Teachers may apply individually or in groups.  Grant recipients will be notified by mid November 2022.   Funding for projects must be spent by May 2023.  Any items purchased with grant money are for the school or grade level team you are with now, and not for any one individual.  These items will remain at your current school.


 Any teacher in the Provo City School District is eligible to apply for a Mini-Grant.

Grant Evaluation:

Grant applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Provo School District Foundation selection     committee.  To ensure impartiality, the committee will not see the names of the teachers or schools   involved.  Grant recipients will be required to submit a brief written report to the Foundation Board  describing the project’s outcomes and how the funds were used.  Do not attached additional papers to the application.


Applications must be received on or before October 14, 2022.

For additional information or questions contact: Caleb Price 801-374-4865