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Make Benefits Changes in Employee Navigator

When you experience a life event, do you know how to report any changes that need to be made? Provo City School District uses Employee Navigator for Open Enrollment and life event changes and then report them to the insurance carriers. If adding a life event, log into Employee Navigator, and click on the Life Events tab. Below are some examples of events that need to be added through the Employee Navigator system:


If you would like to change your benefits (adding or waiving), you can log into Employee Navigator within 30 days of the event. Please provide a copy of your marriage certificate to the Benefits office.

Adding a New Baby

You need to add the baby to your benefits through Employee Navigator within 30 days for the date of birth. Please contact the Benefits office if you need assistance.

Removing Dependents

Removing a spouse or dependents will need to be done in Employee Navigator within 30 days of a life event if done outside of the Open Enrollment period. Please send supporting documentation to the Benefits office.

Address Changes

Any change to your address should be added in Employee Navigator under your profile.

By entering these types of changes into the Employee Navigator system, this ensures that your changes are being communicated to all of Provo City School District’s carriers.

For instructions on how to log into Employee Navigator, please see page 7 of your benefit guide.

If you have any questions, please contact Benefits at (801) 374-4879.


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